Why attend DLLD?

Grow your knowledge and stay ahead of your competitors

topic sessions

In real TED-style leading speakers around a certain topic are invited to inspire our audience. After their presentations, they open the floor for fruitful discussions. Attendees have the possibility to ask questions to the speakers upfront and during the sessions. Keep an eye on our program to discover this topic sessions.

Network area

Since connecting people is one of the main goals at ENoLL in general and of our Living Lab Days more in particular, we offer all participants the possibility to reach out to other attendees. That way they can get interactive with each other based on shared interests and/or participation in sessions.

Interactive workshops

Participatory, hands-on virtual workshops.

ATF sessions

All of our 5 Action Oriented Task Force present their roadmap and each task force leader gets interactive with the audience to discuss about possible ways of collaboration and next steps to strengthen the task forces. Of course participants can apply to become part of the task force. Currently ENoLL has 5 action oriented task forces: Social Innovation & Inclusion,Health & Well Being, Energy & Environment, Social Impact of AI and Rural Living Labs.


Introducing the theme of the conference and transferring main messages.

Demo area

In this area of our conference our members can be discovered by browsing through their pitch communications. Furthermore you can find information around our Action Oriented Task Forces, our Capacity Building Program & Learning lab and our Labelling & Certification processes.

Latest research

Research paper presentations on the latest findings from the Living Lab field.

Scale up challenge

Transfer of knowledge across different programmes that cities or urban actors with their civil servants, policy makers, Living Lab coordinators, academia and private sector are working on, looking for solutions to their individual and common challenges.