Developing the Mutual Learning Community through DT (Digital Twin) Stories 


Wednesday 21 September
15.45 – 17.15


CVC (Computer Vision Center)
Emilia-Romagna Region
European Commission (DG CNECT)


Sala Mezzanina


Mutual Learning Communities are spaces in which the participants (experts, practitioners, and newcomers) share their knowledge in a very practical way, by exchanging practices, examples, and resources. This is the precise objective of the DT4Regions project for AI and Big Data in the specific context of the community of public servants. The DT4Region project is developing a Pilot to understand how these Communities of Mutual Learning can be organized in a sustainable way, making use of the features provided by the DT4Regions platform.  

To do that, during 2022 and 2023, different mutual learning activities will be developed around 4 initial topics: 1) The Digital Twin, 2) The Digital Identity, 3) Digital Spaces and Data Spaces, 4) Citizen-centric Digital Transformation through Living Labs.  By the end of June 2022, the first actions were developed around the Digital Twin, with several capacity building items and shared stories.

During the session, we will use the generated material and provided feedback to co-design together with the participants how the different features of the DT4Regions platform should be organized to provide efficient narrative, knowledge exchange instruments, multimedia tools, visibility actions, learning paths, etc., with the aim of consolidating a strong Community of Mutual Learning that can become the landing platform for the European Civil servants around.  

The resulting outcomes from the workshop will be integrated as feedback for the final development of the DT4Regions platform for the remaining 3 Mutual Learning actions around DT Stories.    

This is a session coordinated by the Action-oriented Task Force on Social Impact of AI at ENoLL and the Computer Vision Center Barcelona.