Desirable futures for Urban Living Labs


Wednesday 21 September
14.00 – 15.30


Sala Mezzanina


The goal is to share and test a design fiction method and to reflect on how living  labbers can be empowered by including the collective exploration of possible futures in their professional practice:

  • Experiment a state-of-the-art rapid design fiction method inspired from a transitional urbanism case study;​
  • Learn how these methods were used to reflect collectively on the transformation of an industrial building into a vibrant ULL for the agri-food ecosystem;​
  • Better understand how to use design fiction as a method to generate divergent, creative, lateral thinking in the context of an ULL. More precisely, it will improve participants’ capacity to create workshops on near futures exploration (50 years in the future);​
  • Learn and get empowered with a playful, highly creative, divergent method to open the realm of possibilities during the inspiration phase;​
  • Get inspired by the capacity to collectively develop ambitious ideas for ULL;​
  • Develop critical thinking on ‘near futures place-based experiments.​