Designing Real-life Experiments for (Festival) Living Labs


Friday 22 September
15.45- 17.15


Living Lab Transition: Methodologies and Impact


Aranka Dijkstra


Auditorium 2


As temporary mini-societies, festivals are promising experimentation settings for sustainable innovations. In this workshop Aranka Dijkstra and Marije Boonstra will introduce the Festival Experimentation Guide describing an innovation approach on how to design, implement and evaluate real-life experiments at festivals. The guide was developed as a part of the European Interreg InnoQuarter project and translates the experiences of experimentation at 5 international festivals into a shareable innovation approach. During this workshop you will be introduced to experimentation at festivals and experience how to use the Festival Experimentation Guide’s approach by briefly using it on a case yourself. The workshop will conclude with a collective reflection on how the approach can be helpful for your living lab experiments.


This workshop is made up of three parts: a brief introduction to Festival Living Labs, a pressure cooker workshop in which you will design an interactive (festival) living lab experiment and a joint reflection on how the experiences from the pressure cooker translate into your own practice and what we can learn from that for general living lab practice.


15:45 -15:50 Walkin

15:50-16:05 Welcome & Introduction: Experimentation for Sustainable Innovation at Festivals (presentation by Aranka Dijkstra)

  • Explaining how festivals can be seen as temporary mini-societies that make it interesting to test and experiment with sustainable innovations.
  • Introducing how the InnoQuarter project has led to The Festival Experimentation Guide.
  • Brief introduction of the Festival Experimentation Canvas that summarizes the ten building blocks that make up a festival experiment.
  • Short Q&A

16:05-16:35 Festival Experimentation Pressure Cooker (live in little groups working with the FEG canvas printed on a large poster)

  • We will introduce a workshop case that participants will use to fill in the canvas: the canvas will be partly pre-filled based on this case to get the participants kickstarted (Building Blocks 1-3).
  • In little groups, participants will interactively fill in the Festival Experimentation Canvas through some supportive questions of the host.

16:35-16:45 After 30 minutes of filling in; we will come back together and briefly present the outcomes (depending on group sizes all or only a couple).

  • [Depending on case:] We will end the exercise by showing a movie or pictures from the real-life implementation of the case.

16:45-17:15 Collective reflection (group conversation and/or using MentiMeter)

  • How did you experience using the canvas?
  • What (new) opportunities do you see for experimentation at your festival?

17:15 Closing


Aranka Dijkstra

Festival experimentation - NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

Marije Boonstra

Festival Experimentation Guide co-creator

Peter Joore

Professor of applied sciences and chair of the open innovation research group at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands