These are exciting times in Living Lab and end-user engagement field, driven by continuous development of new Living Labs, new methodologies and new research concepts. Living Labs can be applied to many different fields and therefore the scope of the conference is wide and the programme is jam packed.

DAY 3: Thursday, 5 September

Location: Music Hall M2

Action Oriented Task Forces breakfast session

The attendees will have the opportunity to engage with the ENoLL Action Oriented Task Forces. These are ENoLL special interest groups that receive support from the ENoLL Office to develop actions in areas such as Social Innovation, Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence, Rural Living Labs, Energy and Environment, and Health and Wellbeing. The participants will engage with the task force organisers and will have the chance to participate in the co-creation of the actions for next year.

This is an excellent opportunity for re-enforcing the innovation ecosystem around the ENoLL community, attract potential actors and generate strong consortia at a topic-specific level.

More information will be delivered during the Open Living Lab Days Plenary Sessions.


13th wave pitches

New ENoLL members will pitch their Living Lab work, products & services to the audience. 






Pitches to Venture Capitalists

In this unique opportunity, Living Labs will be able to pitch their ideas to selected Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.


closing & conclusion

In the final session of the three-day event, main take-outs will be summaries for the participants and the next OpenLivingLab Days location will be announced.

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