At the end of the first day of the OpenLivingLab Days, the Mayor of Krakow will host all participants at the Krakow City Hall for a welcome cocktail which will be followed by a matchmaking session.


With the help of the map bellow, you can calculate the distance from the OpenLivingLab Days Day 1 venue and the Welcome Cocktail which will begin at 7.30pm. If you are not joining the ENoLL Open General Assembly, you will have nearly three hours to return to your hotel, get ready for the evening

The welcome cocktail will begin at 7.30pm with opening address by the Mayor of Krakow Jacek Majchrowski and ENoLL President and Laurea Director Tuija Hirvikoski. This will be followed by a welcoming ceremony of the ENoLL 11th wave members. The evening will conclude with informal matchmaking session lasting until 10pm and giving participants enough time to get to know each other already on the first day of the OpenLivingLab Days to ensure better collaboration and working experience for the rest of the week.