The Learning Lab Day 0 is a one-day training offered to newcomers of the Living Lab community and enthusiast practitioners interested in learning more about the key elements and operations of Living Labs.

Learning Lab Day 0 brings together a group of experienced trainers on Living Lab methodologies and tools, partners from international projects aiming to set-up Living Labs, expert ENoLL members, students, researchers, and practitioners from Living Labs. Learning Lab Day 0 will offer lectures and case study presentations connecting theory to practice, as well as panel discussions and hands-on exercises to support Living Lab newcomers and practitioners in applying learnings into their own specific contexts.

The 2022 program of Learning Lab Day 0 will be organized into 2 tracks:

  • Track 1 NEWCOMERS: The Living Lab Fundamentals for newcomers
  • Track 2 PRO: Close-up on panel and pilot manager roles and co-creation in a real-life environment¬†


Oriented towards newbies of the Living Lab community, Track 1 aims to train participants in understanding what Living Labs are and are not, starting from the basics (e.g. pitfalls and challenges of Living Labs, key characteristics, how they function, etc.) up to explore the main building blocks of setting up a Living Lab from the stakeholder engagement, governance and business model perspective,).

Track 1 has been built as lighter version of the ENoLL Virtual Learning Lab, condensed on the main topics supporting newcomers in shedding lights upon the most frequently asked questions: How to set up a Living Lab? What governance models are most successful for Living Labs? How to make profits out of a Living Lab? How to make a Living Lab impactful and stakeholders engaged over time? Track 1 is organized in 3 main sessions and a panel debate. After each presentation, a Q&A session will be offered to the audience.  The panelists in the debate will provide experienced insights and concrete use cases on how to make experimentation successful in Living Labs.

The training ends with 2 hands-on exercises where the participants are guided through a process of reflecting on their own (Living Lab) cases or participating in a gaming session to experience how to develop co-creation sessions in and with Living Labs.


Offered to practitioners with an intermediate level of knowledge of Living Labs, Track 2 focuses on more practical roles and day by day activities for successfully running Living Labs. This includes digging deeper on the role of the panel and pilot managers within a Living Lab, as well as exploiting co-creation in a real-life environment.

Track 2 is organized in 3 main sessions. Panelists will join the sessions and will offer their perspectives on the role of the panel and pilot managers, as well as providing insights on the pitfalls and challenges of running co-creation sessions in real-life environments.

Each session includes hands on exercises focused on the practice of exploiting such roles, models, and tools in the daily life of the Living Lab community.



Track 1 is offered to the newcomers of Living Labs at the special price of 400 euro, while Track 2 is devoted to Living Lab practitioners with an intermediate level of knowledge at a price of 500 euro.

Track 1

  • The Living Lab fundamentals one day training course
  • Food & beverage during the course

Track 2

  • Close-up on panel and pilot manager roles and co-creation in a real-life environment
  • Food & beverage during the course


The VITALISE Bootcamp aims to increase participants’ understanding on how to exploit research results by including key elements of business building, and planning appropriate paths to market. Theoretical approaches combined with hand-on exercises will assist participants in developing their business strategy and tactics towards commercialisation.


The VITALISE Bootcamp will be held on Day 0, at the end of Track 1 and 2, according to the following agenda:

16.00 Р17-00: Understand the tactics to commercialise your project

17.00 – 18.00: Assess the commercialisation potential of your project