Common living lab definition and exchange of knowledge & experiences


Wednesday 21 September
15.45 – 17.15




Sala Fucine


The debate is focused on the results of the work performed within the Working Group on Mobility of ENoLL towards a common Living lab definition and the exchange of knowledge and experiences. The aim of the Mobility Working Group is to understand the impact of new mobility solutions relying on the scientific outcomes from different active Living Labs on mobility.  

The debate will equip the participants with a common understanding of mobility Living Labs by stimulating scientific debate on the use of living labs to address mobility challenges and co-create innovative mobility solutions contributing to the smart and green urban transformations. The approach of clustering and properties considered for it will be discussed.   

Through an exchange of knowledge and experiences discussion about best practices and methodologies, projects and services, citizens science and co-creation methods the participants will learn from the existing LLs’ success stories. Focus will be put in “reflexibility” and expectations created/met.   

Finally, getting in touch with how the Living Labs could participate in business acceleration programs the participants will benefit from new channels for future development.