Digitalisation & Living Labs: Co-creation for the post covid era


Tuesday, 7th September, 10:00-11:15 CEST

"In this session we want to focus on how the digital transformation in the creative sector can improve the sector and its needs"

ICT technologies have brought about a revolution in many aspects of the cultural sector during the COVID-19 crisis, accelerating their implementation, offering challenges and opportunities at the digital level that have to do with communication, digital culture, increased interactivity between agents and new artistic and creative formats. Therefore, innovation and digital technology have helped to alleviate the impact of COVID-19 on individuals, businesses and governments. 

A new digital-based era is emerging, creating new opportunities. It has changed the way we work, learn, buy and interact. We must be prepared for the so-called new normality. But, at the same time, the benefits of technology are not equally distributed.

Part of the negative impact and lack of response from the cultural industries and live arts, as well as from public bodies, has been due to the fact that they have not yet come to understand and assimilate the keys to this context.

The digital context means both an approach and an extension. It implies a reduction in the physical distances that can act as a barrier and allows individuals to be brought into contact with products, agents or other individuals in previously impossible ways. The digital environment allows multiplying the links and / or reinforcing them. Although they may be considered weaker, with less commitment, it offers new terrain.




Opening & Introduction (working group C&C)

Jokin Garatea

La Fura dels Baus

Fran Iglesias

Co-creating a 3D digital immersion platform for and with the furniture manufacturers and clients

Adam Olzsewski

Creative clothing for the Mediterranean space from the Creativewear Plus project

Luca Leonardi

Debate with the speakers & the audience about drivers for digital transformation in the creative sector

Jokin Garatea


Jokin Garatea


Jokin Garatea

Director of International Projects, GAIA