Best practices and Business speed dating with IT & ICT companies at Krakow Technology Park

During the first coffee break between 10:45 and 11:15 “Best practices and
business partners speed dating with IT & ICT companies at Krakow Technology
Park” will take place in Showroom. You will have the opportunity to meet the
companies from KTP, talk about possible cooperation and interesting projects.

KPT ScaleUp – ways of working, 11 proces, Bioseco

Maja Szpot

bartosz jozefowski

Bartosz Józefowski – member of the Board at seed investment fund FZKPT. Between 2013- 2017 responsible for all the startup activities of Krakow Technology Park, currently coordinator of the KPT ScaleUp startup acceleration programme. Heavily involved in Krakow startup ecosystem and also engaged in Startup Poland Foundation. Fascinated with behavioural economy and new technologies. Father of two daughters, fan of the Beatles.


piotr kaczmarek

Piotr Kaczmarek – Project Manager. GIS professional, EO specialist, GNSS and mobile technologies expert. Years of experience gain in Esri Polska and Astri Polska (Airbus DS) by involvement in many big and unique projects implemented in Poland. In many cases responsible for technological and business aspects of projects. Strongly focus on security aspects, systems flexibility and availability.


pawel strojny

Paweł Strojny

michal litworowski

Michał Litworowski

lukasz plesniarowicz

Łukasz Pleśniarowicz

agnieszka flaga

Agnieszka Flaga


piotr holubowicz

Piotr Hołubowicz – an absolvent of AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, faculty of Mechanical engineering and robotics. CEO and co-founder of SEEDiA, a business which designs smart solar infrastructure for the cities and B2B clients.


Jarosław Królewski

jaroslaw krolewski

Entrepreneur and Investor with 10 years experience in Internet Industry. Managing Director and co-founder of – State of the Art Marketing Cloud, one of the most valuable Polish hi-tech startup.

Researcher and teacher at AGH University of Science and Technology (during PhD). Initiator and co-author of the bestselling E-Marketing book, published in 2013 by the most famous scientific Polish publishing house. Initiator and co-founder of program studies, such as: Digital marketing (X editions), Social Media, E-Economy and Social Informatics at AGH University of Science and Technology. Professionally, he had the pleasure to participate in several interesting projects for/and with Fortune 500 brands and many others. Sociologist and programmer (higher education). Active participant of academic and international IT conferences.

Industrial Development Agency (ARP)

Karol Wosiński


Technology Expert at the Development and Innovation Office of Industrial Development Agency Joint Stock Company, coordinator of a team of technology brokers in an “Open Innovation Network” project (the project budget of PLN 150 million) and a counselor and co-creator of a sectoral support programme for the video games market, as part of which he developed a strategy for a video games accelerator in Cieszyn – ARP Games sp. z o.o. He has been involved in various fields of technology for over 5 years. He has gained the experience in project management in international companies, such as General Electric, STOW International or Guehring. In GE he worked as a coordinator of an international team involved in construction of safeguards for the resources in Indonesia Deepwater Development project for Chevron and then as a coordinator of a team of gas turbine designers. A technology enthusiast since an early age. Currently, a jury member and mentor specialised in project management and shaping approach to innovations in ARP Games sp. z o.o. A jury member in many innovation-related competitions, int. al. Imagine Cup Microsoft.

A graduate of engineering studies at the Kielce University of Technology in the field of mechanics and mechanical engineering, majoring in advanced numerical methods applied in fracture mechanics. He continued the education at the Warsaw University of Technology at the faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering – one of the best technology faculties in Poland. He completed numerous courses related to project management (P3O, PRINCE2, M_o_R etc.) and he is constantly improving his professional qualifications in this field.

Since the dawn of Innovative Idea Workshop (ARP Innovation Pitch) – one of the products of Industrial Development Agency Joint Stock Company, he has been one of the leading hosts of the final gala. He has been preparing for the role under the watchful eye of experts from Polish Radio Media Education Centre. Coordinator and supervisor of the Technology Transfer Platform.


Bartosz Sokoliński

bartosz sokolinski

Head of the Development and Innovation Office of Industrial Development Agency Joint Stock Company. Advisor, investor, visionary. For over 15 years he has been a co-owner and the president in the group of marketing companies and an IT company. He founded the first crowdfunding platform for the third sector –, a socio-political think tank – Forum Od-Nowa and a movement for better education in Poland – Obywatele Nauki. He is involved in management, creation of visions, monitoring strategies, development of innovations as well as trainings and creative workshops.

He began his professional career as early as during his studies at the University of Warsaw (Institute of Applied Social Sciences) in one of the best and biggest public relation companies in Poland– Alcat Communications. After two years of work in Poland and in the United States he became the head of the Warsaw office. He was responsible for Poland and countries of Central and Eastern Europe. He was the leader of a several-person team there. He graduated form post-graduate studies majoring in PR and press journalism at Journalism Centre maintained by Polish-American Free Media Fund. Between 1998 and 2002 he was a councillor of Michałowice Commune.

He provides consultancy services and conducts trainings on communication via traditional and social media, content marketing, crowdfunding, conducting presentations, creativity, strategy, UX and education.


After the official welcome cocktail and short speech by the Mayor of Krakow, there will be a ceremony welcoming new members of ENoLL, forming an 11th wave.

Following the official segments of the evening, we will host a very informal event called matchmaking. On the table there will be 5 stickers for you to choose from, each representing different area of this year’s OpenLivingLab Days conference:






Take a sticker with a topic that you find the most interesting and stick it to your ID badge or on your clothes.

In the main hall of the Mayor’s office 5 stands with bigger versions of the stickers will be placed. Simply approach the one with the sticker of your choosing and mingle in a conversation with people who share the same interests.

You can naturally change the place and the topic of your conversation. It is as informal as it could be!

Keynote speaker – prof. dr hab. Jarosław Górniak

prof. dr hab. Jarosław Górniak

jaroslaw gorniak

The founder of the Center for Evaluation and Analysis of Public Policies of the Jagiellonian University. Professor in social sciences specializing in social research methods, methodology for the evaluation and analysis of public policies, economic and organizational sociology, statistical data analysis and public policy in research, innovation and university sector. He has also a long record as a market researcher and business consultant as well as international consultant of the World Bank and UNDP.

Graduated from the Cracow University of Economics (in economics) and the Jagiellonian University (sociology). The head of the Department of Economic Sociology, Education and Social Research Methods. Since 2012 the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University. He was a member and chair of Scientific Policy Committee at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland. Currently he is the president of the Council of the National Congress of Science, the advisory body to the Minister of Science and Higher Education to prepare a fundamental reform of higher education and academic research in Poland.

Pitches of local challenges

On Wednesday after lunch several experts will introduce you to the topic of local visits that will be held after the pitch session is finished.


Living lab and Policy: Living lab in regional innovation strategy

Robert Maciaszek foto

Robert Maciaszek – director of the Department of Economic Development, Marshall Office of Malopolska Region, graduate of the Law Faculty at the University of Silesia and post-graduate studies in management at the Cracow University of Economic. Certified Business Trainer. Experienced in the areas of general management, sales, marketing and strategy. Skilled in motivating and managing large and small teams. Successful in driving changes and building organizations from the scratch.


Smart mobility: The walkability improvements within the city centre – Krakow’s way

andrzej szarata

prof. Andrzej Szarata – head of the Department of Transportation Systems at Cracow University of Technology. Since September 2016 – Dean of the Civil Engineering Faculty at Cracow University of Technology. The author of over 90 scientific papers covering many transportation issues: parking lot analysis, induced demand modelling, modal split modelling, efficiency estimation of transport investments. Doctoral dissertation (2006) was devoted to Park and Ride modelling and was first scientific analysis of such system in Poland. Habilitation monograph (2014) is focused on induced demand modelling and its application in estimation of functional effectiveness of transport infrastructure investments. Main field of interest is transport policy and developing transportation models on agglomeration and regional level. He is the author (among others) of transportation models of Krakow agglomeration, Malopolska and Mazowieckie provinces, city of Poznan, Katowice and Wroclaw. He was also involved in many EU projects (the most important: CIVITAS Caravel, MAX, TRACIT, GSP, UMOB and others).


Smart environment: How can a city fight smog? Case of Krakow

maciej rys

Maciej Ryś – passionate globetrotter always ready for new challenges! He lived in 4 different countries and graduated from University of York, Hong Kong and Kozminski (Warsaw). Co-founder of many technological ventures, such as Przedszkolowo and Earlylogic. Owner of Lynxia, an agency organizing hackathons, events and conferences. Founder and leader of Smogathon. Co-ordinated KrakHack – the first smart city hackathon of Krakow. KrakHack was a unique event, organized in March 2017 in Krakow Technology Park and focused not only on technology, but on social innovations as well to make Krakow a better place to work and live for everyone.


Circular economy: Role of different stakeholders in boosting circular economy

joanna kulczycka

prof. Joanna Kulczycka – graduate of the Kraków University of Economics, she was conferred a doctorate in economics in 1998 and higher doctorate in 2012. Since 1998 she has been a member of the faculty of the Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, where she has been the head of the Division of Strategic Research since 2004. Member of the Faculty of Management of AGH UST University of Science and Technology in Kraków (since 2013 as associate professor). Since 2013, the CEO of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster (currently a Key National Cluster), and since 2015 director of the office of the Highway to Technology and Innovation Institute (IATI). Author of over 200 works (academic articles, monographic works, and chapters in monographic works, Hirsch index = 6, number of citations = 160). Participants and leader of numerous national research and training projects, and projects commissioned by territorial authorities and industry. Organiser of symposia and conferences devoted to the issues of mineral raw materials and environmental protection. Expert of the 6th and 7th EU Framework Programme in environmental technologies and nanotechnology, as well as an expert evaluator for projects of the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR), the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP), and Małopolska Centre of Entrepreneurship. Member of the Advisory Group to the European Commission in Horizon 2020 Programme – Societal Challenge 5 “Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials”, and Commission for Technology and Analysis in Geological and Mining Activity of the Polish Ministry of Environment, as well as the scientific Council is at the Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Faculty of Management of the AGH UST University of Science and Technology and the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute (2011–15) and of the supervisory boards of KGHM Cuprum (2008–2016) and the Laboratory of an Intelligent City and Innovative Economics.

Marzena Smol – member of the Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences (MEERI).


Circular economy: NCRD’s role in supporting projects related to bioeconomy in Poland

adrianna pawlik

Adrianna Pawlik – programme officer in the National Centre for Research and Development. Until July 2017 coordinator of the strategic programme BIOSTRATEG  – „Environment, agriculture and forestry”. Currently at the Coordinators Department responsible for supporting NCRD’s board in decision making process within the topics of agriculture, biology and veterinary sciences. Doctor of Philosophy in agricultural sciences with scientific interests in animal genetics, food safety and immunomodulatory activities of milk proteins.


Service design: Smarting up your business in Krakow Living Lab: Pilgrim apps and smart solar bench cases

aga wlodarczyk

Agnieszka Włodarczyk – Project Manager at Krakow Technology Park. The coordinator of regional and international projects as SMART_KOM. Kraków in smart cities network project and Transnational Technology Transfer Enterprise Agents Involved in creation and responsible for Krakow Living Lab and OpenLivingLab Days 2017 in Kraków For the past few years she has been involved in several projects under Krakow Living Lab dedicated to support with expertise both local businesses and start-ups, and big companies as well. Author and co-author of publications on regional development, regional products and private label and reports on smart city and living lab cases by Krakow Technology Park.

jan strycharz

Jan Strycharz – Program Director at the Workshop for Social Innovations. Responsible for developing workshops, trainings, meetings and conferences in the themes of market research, creativity and innovation. He is also an experienced trainer with over 8 years experience in conducting different educational activities in topics such as innovation, Design Thinking, creativity, business models and communication (including public speaking). He is also an experienced mentor of social innovation and has served – in the last six months – with his advice to 18 social innovators engaged in incubation and development of their ideas.

piotr holubowicz

Piotr Hołubowicz – an absolvent of AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, faculty of Mechanical engineering and robotics. CEO and co-founder of SEEDiA, a business which designs smart solar infrastructure for the cities and B2B clients.