Anticipating 100 Climate-Neutral Cities Mission: Living Labs as enablers of the transformation of European cities towards climate neutrality


Thursday 22 September
15.45 – 17.15


City of Torino, ENoLL, JRC, Politecnico di Torino, 2ISECAP project 


Sala Fucine


The main objective of the session is to examine the role that living labs and their network could have in supporting the process towards climate neutrality in cities, focusing, in particular, on the possible positive synergies that can arise from the interaction between the science-based methodologies for supporting the policy decision-making process and the Living Lab approach to co-design and test solutions in real-life. The reflection will be done in the context defined by the EU Mission “Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities” and the related objective of supporting 100 climate neutral cities in the EU by 2030.

The session reunites the experts’ academic insights with the practical experience of working teams based in some European cities.

During the first part, the goals and methods are discussed, while in the second part cities present their experience in the logics of making the difference together.