AgriFood in focus


Tuesday, 7th September, 14:00-15:15 CEST

Everyone interested in the agrifood sector is welcome!

Overview of the session

One year after initiation, it is time to compare our dreams and ambitions with our current position. 

Which activities were successful and what needs to be changed? 

This meeting will be a strategic milestone for the Working Group, therefore all of you interested in the agrifood sector – welcome! 

In addition, we will meet our new members, who joined us after DLLD2020.
Besides the importance of being aware of Working Group competences, it is crucial for our Working Group to know the motivation and expectations of all members. Therefore, open and honest discussion will be highly supported. 

Opening & Introduction

Tour de table (background and expectations from WG for 2022)

Main achievements during 2020-21

Debate on positive and negative aspects 

New mechanism for (proposal) matchmaking and consortia building 



Milica Trajković

Head of Business Development Department at BioSense Institute, PA4ALL

Isidora Stojačić

Project Manager, BioSense Institute