Local Visit: Noesis Science and Technology museum

VISIT TIME: 16:00-17:00

What will you do during the visit

Visitors will have the chance to visit the permanent exhibition “Technopark” which offers an interactive hands-on area for all. Participants will take part in an interactive journey of the world of Physics and discover everyday life experiments and examples from electricity to magnetism, mechanics, optics etc. A visit to the Ancient Greek Technology exhibition will also be enabled; the exhibition’s main thematic axe develops around “human activities”, focusing on man as body and intellect, as creator and user, as thinker, religious and social being, as measure of all things -as criterion and means of comparison. The objects are life-size or scale models, reconstructed after the descriptions by ancient Greek authors and Arab translations. 

About the Noesis Science and Technology Museum

Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum is a cultural and educational non-profit organization. It offers the public an environment conducive to the familiarisation with and the understanding of Natural Sciences and Technology, and is actively involved with subjects concerned with the technological culture. The main objective of the Center is the popularization of modern knowledge and its dissemination to the public through exhibitions, films, seminars, lectures, co-creation activities and the promotion of inspiring science teaching.  

Local Visit Location

Transport back to the city

A bus will be provided to the local visit and back to the City. 

Busses from the local visit to the City will have multiple stops:
– Stop 1: Vasilissis Olgas Avenue (500m away from the Concert Hall M2 – the OLLD venue)
– Stop 2: City Center – YMCA
– Stop 3: City Center – Aristotelous Square
– Stop 4: City Center – Vardaris

You can download the Map of return stops.