My dream neighbourhood

Sensitive mapping : when users draw their ideal shopping district


   This workshop is part of a participatory project development program at the local level of the shopping district. The TID program (Think-Innovate-Develop) involves users (quadruple helix framework – public, private, academia, citizens) throughout the innovation process and on the principle of flat governance:

 – Think: highlighting the identity of the territory and marketing strategy

 – Innovate: generation and proposal of ideas for the territory 

– Develop: Networking of actors and project leaders, project development and composition of task forces. This workshop is part of the “Think” phase.


   The workshop consists of creating a sensitive map of a shopping district. Participants will design their ideal neighborhood in several individual and common steps. The sensitive approach proposed here also makes it possible to provide a large number of qualitative data on the district. It highlights the identity, the physical, social and economic characteristics of a place, but also describes its use, and reveals its development potential. 

    As the workshop is generally proposed as part of the analysis of a specific shopping district, it will be slightly adapted here to the context of Living Lab Days. We will therefore experiment the workshop by designing an ideal common and imaginary district. Each participant will be put in the shoes of a researcher in immersion, and with the help of different exercises and cultural probes, will gradually build his ideal shopping district.



  •  Awareness of a new form of participatory project development at the local level 
  •  Learning a new workshop method with concrete products and tools 
  •  Creation of a shared sensitive map 
  •  Development, challenge and exchange of ideas for its own commercial territory 
  •  Poetic, creative and playful moment!


  •  Presentation of the TID program: objectives, methods, tools, deliverables
  •   Presentation of the “My dream Neighborhood” workshop: objective, program, expected results 
  •  My ideal neighborhood: individual filling of different documents of cultural probes and immersive research such as: love or break-up letter to the neighborhood, postcards, my community in the neighborhood, shopping tips and tricks, my frustrations in the neighborhood, my like in the neighborhood, my ideas for the district, my routes,… 
  •  Our neighborhood: group translation of the different individual elements on the ditrict map. Stories, quotations, pictograms, routes, idea cards, drawings…..


Workshop Facilitators