Scaling public-private co-creation

Scaling up the Accelerated Co-creation by Schools, Companies and Communities from local to global: KYKY Living Lab concept


   “KYKY” (Accelerated co-creation for schools and companies) operating model was created in 2016 to answer the need for a systematic process for co-creation between schools, companies, and communities. KYKY model is supported by a digital marketplace which is a matching platform for ideas and development needs of the participants. Together the operating model and the digital marketplace form the KYKY concept. 

   In KYKY concept, Espoo´s learning environments are considered as living labs where open innovations and new edtech solutions are developed and validated. The City´s role is to enable and catalyze these practices which promote children’s ability to innovate and strengthen the 21st learning skills, facilitate multi-stakeholder value creation for future edtech solutions, generate new solutions and new business. 

    After two years of operation and several success stories, it´s time to develop, re-conceptualize and scale both the KYKY model and the marketplace nationally and globally. The new, agile KYKY marketplace will be launched during 2019.


The KYKY as open and joint value co-creation concept with it´s processes and guidelines is visionary and unique in Finland and in Europe. Finland has already a reputation as an education powerhouse, with its long track record at the top of the world rankings, and proven results. Finland enjoys one of the most advanced and expansive applications of digital technology in education. By scaling up KYKY concept Finland is going to be the international level living lab for the next generation edtech solutions. 

The main objective of the workshop is to get concrete needs, valuable ideas and feedback for KYKY concept development, including the new digital marketplace. Through that, we bring into action the concrete steps to scale the concept from local to global. 

We are aiming to reach the potential partners to utilize the platform and to build international network for co-creation and sharing the innovations created through living labs.


Participants can expect to gain one or several of the following outcomes:

 – Reach understanding of Finland´s first, unique and visionary model for school-company-community co-creation, KYKY operating model 

– Get valuable information about experiences of the KYKY participation (from schools’ and companies’ perspective) 

– Get (understanding on the needs for a scalable living lab) a concrete example how to make a living lab scalable – case KYKY – Get ideas how to connect your country / company to KYKY living lab in the future

 – Ideate together how to scale and spread the innovations born in living lab internationally through Living Labs / Networks

 We utilize the following stages for scaling a Living Lab from local to global: 

1. The City of Espoo´s Public Schools as Living Labs –> KYKY operating model (mechanisms, process, protocols) 

2. The City of Espoo Living Lab –> Espoo Citizens as drivers of new edtech Innovations 

3. The Six Cities Living Lab ecosystem –> 6 Cities in Finland as drivers of new edtech innovations

 4. Finland as EdTech Living lab –> International markets


   The methodology of the workshop is based on Design Thinking and Service Design. Participants will be working on small groups and each group will be facilitated using the Lean Service Creation principles. 

   Facilitators will be assigned per table and facilitate the process using different canvases and participatory approach to define the need assessment, stakeholder analysis, concept and value propositions. If enough time provided, the future and the scalability of each city and living lab possibilities will be scoped out.


Workshop Facilitators

Meri Vainio

Project Manager

Maiju Haltia-Nurmi

Project Coordinator

Katja Hagman

Business coach

Harri Luttinen

Chief Digital Officer

Minna Kukkonen

Planner, Education and Cultural Services