Scaling Towards Sustainable Mobility

Scaling of innovative tools and methods towards sustainable mobility - from neighbourhood to national level and beyond


  The Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology has created programme initiative to fund a set of real-world laboratories designed to complement its research and innovation funding activities and to leverage their impacts. Five Urban Mobility Labs are working on different urban scales – from neighborhood, urban region to a polycentric area – and address key issues of local and regional mobility futures. They support Austria’s cities evolve into hot-spots for future mobility innovation by exploring, testing, implementing and scaling-up new solutions.

  Furthermore, the laboratories are complemented by one “Centre for Mobility Change” which serves as a think-tank and exchange hub for mobility behaviour change on a national level. Through this workshop we want to make our initiative visible and show what we have achieved, but also to exchange knowledge, learn from others and scale up our ideas.


Working on different urban and regional scales and targeting various stakeholders requires the laboratories to offer a wide range of co-creative methods. With this workshop we want to show how challenges in mobility can be dealt with creatively and playfully on the diverse spatial levels.

The workshop allows an important knowledge transfer not only for the participants, but also for the representatives of the Mobility Labs as they will integrate the results into further development. Additionally the laboratories get the opportunity to show their work and what they have achieved to a broad international audience allowing them to extend their (knowledge) network beyond the national scale.


    In total five Mobility Labs are involved in the workshop offering the participants an in depth insight on their work and applied methodologies. The laboratories address diverse scales and dimensions from city districts to a national level and beyond. The LAB shows how to translate and adapt local urban features and challenges of mobilities in a smart city district into a greater context. MOBILITYLAB Graz shows a concrete example of their idea challenge “Measures for bicycle theft protection in urban areas”.

   Thinkport VIENNA tackles the questions: How will shopping work in future cities and will the people get to the goods or the goods get to the people? With the MobiLab OÖ the participants will get an insight on the development of new mobility solutions for an industry driven polycentric area. The Centre for Mobility Change will address the national level by asking ‘how to enable people, institutions and politics to reflect and consequently adopt mobility behaviour’.


   Within a common framework, four Urban Mobility Labs and one Centre for Mobility Change will host one table each and give insights on their approaches tackling mobility issues on various spatial scales. The aspern.mobil LAB invites workshop participants to play the Seestadt (Lakecity) Design Game. thinkport VIENNA invites all participants to playfully design the “shopping city” of tomorrow on the basis of given problems.

   The MOBILTY LAB Graz will present its Open Innovation Platform, on which so called idea challenges for its urban region are held. MobiLab OÖ will give an insight on their tools for ideation contests, showing the possibilities of design thinking methods complemented with gamification elements. The Centre for Mobility Change (CMC) elaborates playfully potential answers for the question ‘how to enable people, institutions and last but not least politics in order to reflect and consequently adopt mobility behaviour’.


Workshop Facilitators