What to expect?

Each edition of the OpenLivingLab Days is different than the rest. While the formula of stimulating talks, hands-on workshops, visits to the local innovation community and presentation of research papers on the latest research on Living Labs has not changed, each edition introduces new topics, perspectives and activities. Since the event is hosted by a different member of the European Network of Living Labs, a fresh perspective and ideas are added to the event each year.

Check what happened last year

In this report compiled by the European Network of Living Labs, you can see what happened at the 2018 edition in Geneva, Switzerland. The OLLD18 focused on Sustainable Development Goals (SGD) and has examined the role of Living Labs within the SDGs. The Under-Secretary General of the United Nations, Michael Møller, addressed the audience in his keynote speech to emphasise the importance of the SDGs.

“Living Labs are a growing phenomenon. The movement is
expanding across Europe and the World. For Universities, major
challenge is to reach the society and Living Labs have become
important instruments involving users at every stage of research,
development and innovation process. Their success can also be
attributed to ENoLL” – Dr Luciana Vaccaro, Rector – HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland

See the full report on the OpenLivingLab Days 2018, by clicking on the image bellow:

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