OLLD19 venue

The event will be held in the spectacular Concert Hall venue, a stone’s throw away from the Agean sea. 

About the venue

The Convention and Cultural Center has over than 20 venues, all of which are equipped with audiovisual facilities, while interactive presentation instruments can be supplied on demand. The Halls’ venues are ideal for hosting a variety of events that range from music concerts and operas to opening ceremonies and international conventions; from round-table meetings workshops and presentations.

Located on Thessaloniki’s waterfront, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall has become a reference point for residents and visitors and is an asset for the city’s architectural profile.

 COLIBRI Branding & Design

The venue will provide a vibrant setting for the OpenLivingLab Days event with plenty of opportunities for interactive workshops, overlooking the Agean sea and a spacious open area where OLLD sponsors will showcase their gadgets.

Open area where sponsors can showcase their gadgets

The venue is located at 25is Martiou &, Thessaloniki 546 46, Greece, close to the Thessaloniki city centre and is easily accessible by public transport.

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