Description: Citizen City

Vast amount of EC, national, and local funds have been spent on projects and learning about citizen engagement. In the current European and global context it has become very clear that alignment with societal needs and habits is critical to ensuring the successful adoption of urbanization plans. CitizenCity, as a initiative of the European Innovation Partnership of Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC), brings existing learning of social engagement to city authorities. The purpose is to bring these resources to cities in a way that will be used by a diversity of cities and at all levels of city staff. We do this through co-creation of the toolkit, a focus on service design, and iterative development.

In this workshop, guests will learn briefly about CitizenCity SET (Social Engagement Toolkit). We will then prototype an implementation of this model around a city project and various engagement tools. A long list of engagement tools has been compiled from major reports (including ENoLL). This learning will be collected towards the creation of a working toolkit prototype that will be field tested in cities.

Description: EU Presidency ePlatform for citizens’ engagement

The actions discussed in Cluj focus on the development, co-finance, launch and management of the ePlatform for citizens’ engagement during the three upcoming EU Presidencies Bulgaria (January – June 2018), Austria (June – December 2018) and Romania (January – June 2019). The discussion in Cluj builds upon the proposed idea by the expert participants at the Sofia Innovation Camp (10-12 March 2017) who worked on the challenge on developing methods and strategies for better citizens’ engagement and RE-engagement in policy-making and innovation.

The ePlatform for citizens’ engagement aims to launch a bottom-up & top-down online platform to inform, but also to engage with citizens locally, nationally and internationally (EU level).  The platform itself will play a role as an information hub, but also as an interactive place where every citizen can actually create and contribute to already existing topics; manage sub online spaces, initiate, etc.

Workshop organisers

John Zib (CitizenCity lead, Urban Screen Productions) John Zib is a social entrepreneur building scalable sustainable urban media platforms that benefit society and the arts. Educated as an Industrial Engineer with a diverse and substantial career in global operations and product marketing, primarily in consumer electronics. Since moving to Europe for a second time, he became engaged in diverse field as a social entrepreneur; arts, academics, technology, governance, media theory, mediated urban environment, collective commons and digital social innovation. He uses business acumen to translate ideas and make new connections that grow opportunities for a socially responsible future. John has developed several opportunities in the arts and social landscape. He currently leads CitizenCity, an EIP-SCC initiative focused on citizen engagement and co-creation.

Jorge Savarila (CitizenCity, DigitalTown) More than 23 years of IT experience. The first 18 years, dedicated to management software (including eGov) serving large multinationals in the field: Infor, IFS and Exact. In the last two, Jorge assumed the position of general manager. Academically, Jorge was professor in BPM at the University of Minho. In recent years, Jorge co-founded a mobile / software development lab (CodeAngel) and made some investments through TST organization.

Vincenzo de Maria (CitizenCity, commonground) Vincenzo Di Maria is a service designer and entrepreneur working across Europe. His work focuses on socially responsive design and innovation ranging from products to services and experiences. His approach to design is holistic, playful and people-centred. Vincenzo is former president of Architecta, the Italian Society for Information Architecture and co-founder of commonground, a creative agency that connects service design and social innovation. commonground works with socially minded organisations to deliver service innovation and user-driven experiences. commonground is based at Impact Hub Siracusa, Sicily.

Tuija Hirvikoski (ENoLL President, Director Laurea University) Dr Tuija Hirvikoski is currently a director at Laurea University of Applied Sciences responsible for the University’s strategic stakeholder management. During her Vice-Presidency, Laurea become Finland’s most successful University of Applied Sciences receiving multiple awards.  Hirvikoski is currently the President of The European Network of Living Labs and has served as a council member in various organisations such as the Uusimaa Regional Coordination Committee, Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Centre R&D Unit, Techvilla Ltd (a Finnish technology centre), Helsinki Information Technology Association, the Talent Cultivation Program for Smart Living Industry in Taiwan, and the Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education (SPSE) in Canada.

Bror Salmelin (European Commission, DG Connect) Bror Salmelin is the adviser for Innovation Systems at the European Commission, Directorate General for Communications, Network, content, and Technology (DG CONNECT) where he is responsible for Open innovation and Modern innovation systems.  He is currently managing the activities of the  Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG), an industry-led group advising on strategic priorities for open and service innovation. As a head of unit he developed the concept of European Network of Living Labs, which is grown through EU presidencies to a 150+ sites innovation network for ICT intense services. Previously, He held the position of Deputy of the ICT Section in Technology Development Centre and served as the Finnish representative at ESPRIT/IST programme of the EU.

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