During the OLLD workshop Co-creation in the Contexts of Living Labs a concise training on Stakeholder Profiles will be provided. The ‘Stakeholder Templates’ that are part of the U4IoT Co-Creative Workshop methodology will be utilised to explore Smart City solutions from a stakeholder and end-user perspective. The stakeholder profiles will be co-created in four phases, a Co-analysis, Co-design, Co-evaluation and Co-implementation phase. In these phases the profiles will be generated and role-played by the participants of the workshop. Based on the generated profiles empathy can be raised, in order to enable SynchroniCity partners to identify with the needs of the respective stakeholders and end-users of the solutions.

Workshop organisers:

Nathalie Stembert – Stembert Design – Nathalie, received both the Industrial Design Engineering and Design for Interaction Degree at the Technical University of Delft (TUDelft), The Netherlands, in 2008 and 2011 respectively. She works as lecturer Creative Media and Game Technologies at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Interaction Designer at the Citizens Foundation and founded Stembert Design where she created the ‘Co-create the Internet of Things’ methodology. Currently with Stembert Design she is working on the U4IoT project, a CSA aiming to support LSPs in terms of end-user engagement. In her work she follows a human-centred research and design approach, with the aim to explore how complex issues can be addressed with the aid of technology.

Nuria de Lama – Synchronicity

Related projects:

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  • U4IoT

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