During this workshop Bristol Living Lab, Living lab en innovation ouverte (LLio) and iScape project will guide you through a series of provocations, best practices and key lessons. You will use the ‘Tips & Tricks for Living Labs’ developed by Bristol Living Lab to explore how to develop positive relationships with your stakeholders, create an environment of trust and openness, and strengthen your networks.

Tips & Tricks:

The Tips & Tricks resources were developed by Knowle West Media Centre (Bristol Living Lab) through their collaborative work with community activists, academics and Living Labs across the ENoLL network. Each set of Tips & Tricks contains 20 provocations, each represented by a colourful illustration.  The provocations range from ‘Experts on tap, not on top’ to ‘A Living Lab that isn’t living isn’t a Living Lab’. The resources can be used as tools for reflection, evaluation and debate and can be purchased at



“The iSCAPE project works on integrating and advancing the control of air quality and carbon emissions in European cities in the context of climate change through the development of sustainable and passive air pollution remediation strategies, policy interventions and behavioural change initiatives.

It tackles the problem of reducing air pollution impacts, focusing on the use of “Passive Control Systems” in urban spaces, on policy intervention and behavioural changes of citizens lifestyle. Projections and real-world physical interventions will be applied on the urban tissue in the selected cities assessed for future climate change scenarios and representative of different cultural & lifestyles in Europe.

Through the approach of Living Labs the team will deploy a network of air quality and meteorological sensors(both stationary and mobile) and evaluate the benefits expected from the interventions on a neighbourhood and city-wide scale, ranging from quantification of pollutant concentration to exposure.” (

Workshop organisers:

Penny Evans is a founding member and Assistant Director of Knowle West Media
Centre (KWMC), an internationally respected media arts charity. KWMC
develops bespoke citizen focussed programmes using traditional and digital media,
including data. Evans is a collaborator and developer on many of KWMC’s
academic research projects, government agencies, European partners, public sector
and business. She is a Fellow of Department of Law, University of Bristol and Royal
Society of Arts, UK.

As a graduate of both law and economy, Mr. Andre Gobeil has been active in the fields of adult education and regional development for more than twenty years.  Working mainly in rural areas, he has come to specialize in the inception of innovative educational projects such as diamond cutting, wind energy, video gaming and Alzheimer’s disease.  This passion to innovate led him to set up a Living Lab for Open Innovation that primarily addresses the issues of local development (local economy, social and tourist innovation).

Anja Maerz Anja’s role as Lead Insights Expert includes conducting interviews and diary studies and carrying out participant observations and workshops across the UK and internationally. She has worked on projects for a wide variety of clients and has a breadth of experience conducting fieldwork in diverse and unique environments – from Belo Horizonte / Brazil to Dubai and Eastern Germany. At the moment she is setting up and managing the 7 iSCAPE Living Labs.

Lucy Barrett Lucy focuses on the big challenges that cities face and how we can use user centred design to tackle these issues. She has worked in cultural and design research in both the public and the private realm for the past seven years. She specialises in qualitative research methods and is interested in devising innovative and compelling ways to explore and communicate complex topics. Lucy carried out in-depth research on air quality and climate change challenges and is also working on the definition and set up of the iSCAPE Living Labs.

Ines Vaittinen has completed her Master’s degree studies in International Design Business Management at Aalto University and also has a background in Architecture (BSc from Politecnico di Milano). Her international background includes studying and working across 6 different countries. Professionally she has experience from Corporate Innovation (eg. Design Thinking, Strategic Innovation) and project work on user-centered design solutions for corporate clients in the field of service design, experience design and behavior design. With a focus on user-centered design, Ines is currently specializing in co-creation techniques, tools and methodologies, and aims for creative solutions in user engagement. Her main responsibilities at ENoLL include project management of EU-MACS and iScape projects as well as support on U4IOT project, while lending her design-focused expertise across the board of projects at ENoLL.

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