The TCL allows SMEs to accelerate the introduction of their innovations for these markets in different EU countries, and even beyond. A cross-border collaboration is needed for an efficient approach of these markets. The TCL will be created as a social incubator, involving users to actively participate in the creation, testing and evaluation of innovative solutions in a transnational setting. The already existing living labs of will act as sublabs (local hubs) under the TCL and pool their local assets (knowledge, testpanel, care-ecosystem, facilities). The jointly developed and applied innovation methodology and service menu will include a.o. innovation support for SMEs, panel management support, cocreation methods, validation by real life tests and business development support.

The goal of the workshop is to move forward in setting up a Transnational Living and Care Lab as a unique innovation instrument to support SMEs in developing and scaling up innovations for ‘living and care’ and ‘active and healthy ageing’. This workshop builds on the strong results of the 2016 workshop in Montréal on the same topic. Concrete results coming from this 2016 workshop were: 1) Report on results that will be used to start from in this workshop and 2) Creation of the community of care living labs, that exchanges knowledge in 1 special newsletter / month.

So the basis for the TCL was laid in 2016. This workshop will build on both the results of the 2016 workshop and the experience gained in running a transnational care living lab through recent innovation projects.

Workshop organisers:

Virpi kaartti

Kelly Verheyen

Tom Vandaele

Bianca Ceccarelli

Related projects:



Spinning Pilots project


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