Living Labs, as innovation tools in the EU Open Innovation strategy, must be sustainable. But the intrinsic heterogeneity and diversity of a real 4-helix approach, as in the case of Living Labs, does not allow to have a clear recipe about how to govern the project or how to make it sustainable.

The aim of this workshop is to share among the participants their current implementation for sustainability and governance of the living labs, together with well known and documented cases.

All the participants will contribute to a collaborative paper that could be used in the future as a reference tool for current and new living labs.

Identification of different possibilities for a sustainable governance model of a living lab, which could be used as a reference for future living labs or different 4-helix implementations.

Workshop organisers:

Fernando Vilariño is Associate Director of the Computer Vision Centre and Associate Professor of the Univ. Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain. He is currently lecturing in Robotics and Multimedia Systems. His research has been linked to diverse areas of Computer Vision and Machine Learning, with a particular focus on medical imaging. His current research is focused on the development of the link between physical and digital objects, and particularly the design of responsive digital artworks using gaze interaction.

He has recently led different projects related to citizen science through the implementation of a model for Living Labs in the context of Open Innovation, particularly in the Library Living Lab – Barcelona. He has actively participated in the definition of the sustainability and governance models of the Living Lab. He has participated in the different workshops and invited talks in the context of ICT and culture.  Dr. Vilariño has been awarded with the Spanish Gov. Ramon y Cajal Grant (2010), and Google Academy Award (2014) for his research.


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