Businesses no longer rely on a vertical R&D, isolated and monolithic: open innovation and co-creation have shown that creativity and productivity of R&D benefits from the opening to a wider community.

The blockchain – seen as the next web revolution – allows creative individuals to unite to innovate together while keeping the added value they have created. Initially confined to the field of bitcoin and financial transactions this technology has a potential of disruption in multiple sectors. But beyond business applications, the blockchain gives rise to a new paradigm which allows to completely rethink the approaches of co-creation and open innovation. Innovators will finally be able to regain the value they create! And by generating a healthy coopetition between them, blockchain unleashes creativity and collective intelligence to a more ethical innovation.

The blockchain introduces a new dimension for configuring the exchange of information between individuals and competing companies and thus allows the emergence of new governance models. The profitability of a co-creative approach of projects can then be considered.

Through presentation and discussion about use cases, this workshop illustrates the challenges and opportunities of blockchain applied to co-creation.

Workshop organisers:

Eric Seulliet

Laurent Dupont 


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