The workshop will be built around a collaborative online platform for serious game development with and for older people, webFitForAll which received the 3rd place at the Best Living Lab Project Award 2016 ( In its prototype stage, the webFitForAll tool has been built to facilitate co-creation on SGs by involving remotely all the types of stakeholders. The hands-on workshop will invite the participants to form groups representing different stakeholders and work on designing a “Play for …” campaign (like the ones Thess-AHALL run before,, where citizens are engaged in co-creation by playing games and collecting points for a goal with social impact. Marketing developers, LL practitioners, healthcare professionals, researchers, designers/developers/SMEs, business developers, public sector and ageing citizens (actors of the quadruple helix and end users) will co-create a campaign during the workshop by contributing from different perspectives. The goal is to design a “Play for …” campaign which will be proposed to be carried out and evaluated as part of the healthcare living labs group a couple of months after the OpenLivingLab days in Krakow in order to give time for some hackathons (games development) to be conducted in the meantime. The researchers will evaluate the co-creation methodology through the results of the individual campaigns based on what they have designed during the workshop. All the information and methodologies will be consolidated in a research paper that will be presented at the #OLLD2018 presenting the outcomes towards RRI with focus on the ‘new wave’ of public engagement where ‘co-creation’ is a key notion.

Workshop organisers:

Panagiotis Bamidis is currently Assoc. Prof. in the Lab of Medical Physics, Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He has founded and has been leading four research groups and he has been the co-ordinator of five large European projects. He is the President of the Hellenic Biomedical Technology Society and has been the Chairman/Organiser of nine international conferences. His research interests are within technology enhanced learning in Medical Education, Affective Computing and Applied Neuroscience, Assistive Technologies for Active and Healthy Ageing as well as silvergaming/exergaming/silver-science. He has established LLM Care ecosystem, the business exploitation of the LLM project, which is a candidate reference site of the EIP-on-AHA. In 2013 he established the Thess-AHALL living lab which in 2016 became an adherent member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL).

Dr Evdokimos Konstantinidis is the leader of the Assistive Technologies and Silver Science Research Group in the Lab of Medical Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in which he received the Ph.D. degree in 2015. Recent research interests focus on intervention for elderly in the field of exergaming (silverscience) and IoT in the context of living labs methodologies. He supported the establishment of the Thess-AHALL Living Lab which in 2016 became an adherent member of ENoLL. He works on the design of a transnational collaborative platform for serious game development with and for older people which received the 3rd place at the ENoLL Best Living Lab Project Award 2016. He has authored more than 50 publications in various international peer-reviewed journals and conferences. He is the technical coordinator of the CAPTAIN H2020 project, deputy technical manager of the SmokeFreeBrain H2020 project and he works in the UNCAP and i-Prognosis H2020 projects.

Related projects:


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