The fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world, according to several sources, and is also – in theory at least – one of the most customer driven. Despite the increasing contradictions in its business models, the Textile & Clothing (T&C) industry is relying on big data and sophisticated management systems to seduce customers into buying more and more often, at the same time resisting calls for more responsible production with a minimum of environmental and social standards.

In parallel, emergent networks of designers, small scale producers, researchers in new materials and processes are joining up with innovation networks and local social actors to build alternative value chains, incorporating new paradigms from smart textiles to the Circular Economy. In this process, citizens are playing a leading role not only in shaping global awareness, but also in co-designing future scenarios, ranging from cloud based closet sharing apps to sustainable smartness to do-it-yourself repair groups. Will we ultimately co-design our own clothes in fashion Living Labs?

In this workshop, a range of different ENoLL Living Labs engage with participants to explore together options and strategies being followed in several on-going research initiatives. Methods and tools will be explored to ensure citizen engagement, experimentation, impact assessment, and scaling up and out.

Workshop organisers:

Jesse Marsh, Atelier Studio Associato. Jesse Marsh obtained his BA in Fine Arts at Williams College (USA) in 1975; he then moved to Milan to work as an industrial designer in a wide range of areas, from sofas to medical equipment. In the late 1980s his interest shifted to information and communication technologies, participating since then in the research teams of over 40 collaborative international projects funded by the European Union. Over the last ten years, he has been an active member of the Living Lab movement, as founder and coordinator of the 2nd Wave Territorial Living Lab TLL-Sicily and Special Advisor to the President of ENoLL since 2009.

Since 2015, he is the project manager of the “TCBL: Textile and Clothing Business Labs” project, a four-year H2020 initiative on business model innovation, on behalf of the City of Prato, and is participating in the INTERREG-MED CreativeWear project on behalf of Consorzio ARCA.

Francesco Molinari, MIRTEC An independent research and project manager, Francesco has worked for several public and private organizations in Europe, including clients from Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and the UK, in about twenty ICT-related R&D and innovation projects at European, national and regional level. He has also worked several Italian Regions and the Ministry of Economic Development for the establishment and management of Living Labs and the design and implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategies. He is currently working in the TCBL project for MIRTEC, a Greek T&C research centre, and in CreativeWear for eZavod, a development agency in Slovenia.

Ingrid Willems, WeConnectData Ingrid is a Business Model & Digital Transformation consultant, manager, sparring partner and strategist providing market insights and designing the value proposition and the value network of (new) businesses. She coaches start-ups and businesses on their go-to-market strategy. duilding, exploring, analysing and visualising (digital) ecosystems and scaling B2B communities and developing double sided market places. She is currently active in the H2020 WEAR Sustain project.

Related projects:

  • TCBL ( aiming to transform the T&C industry through large-scale, ecosystemic business model innovation.
  • CreativeWear ( exploring new forms of cooperation between creative communities and the T&C industry.
  • WEAR Sustain ( aiming to shift the development of the wearables and e-textile landscape towards a more sustainable and ethical approach.

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