The purpose of this workshop is to share and further understandings of how tools for co-creation can be used to mobilise many ways of knowing and many different knowledge holders in the context of active ageing. Participants will experience the Five Levels of Story-telling tool, to create a shared map of understandings of active ageing, and engage in a fast process of social design and prototyping in this context. Together we will explore how tools for co-creation, developed in different contexts, for example industry and academia, can be synergised to meet the demands of a quadruple helix collaboration, in the context of health, care and ageing. The workshop draws on the project Transnational Living Lab for active ageing, a collaboration between Swedish and Japanese researchers, citizens, municipalities and industry partners. This 27-month long project aims to change the experience of ageing, by targeting issues of loneliness and segregation through social design. It is funded by Vinnova, Sweden and the Japan Science & Technology Agency, Japan.

This workshop addresses the theme of healthcare in a wide sense. We define health as the physical and emotional well-being of individuals and communities as well as the interdependent health of other species and the long-term health of resources our societies depend upon. We define care as the respectful and health supportive relations between people, between people and other species, as well as the respect an individual shows herself.

The specific focus of the workshop is active ageing and the particular project Transnational Living Lab for Active Ageing.

Related projects:

Workshop organisers:

Swedish team: Professor Mathilda Tham, Sara Hyltén-Cavallius, Anna Kivilehto, Linnaeus University/Småland Living Lab.

Eva Pavic, Johanneberg Science Park.

Japanese team: Professor Hiroko Akiyama, Chika Sekine, Kyle Kai-Yun FAN

Småland Living Lab mobilises companies, researchers, governance and citizens to share and extend knowledge and practice for sustainability. We currently conduct projects in the areas of active ageing, and housing at the intersection of an ageing population, migrants and students. Småland Living Lab is hosted by the Linnaeus University, Department of Design, which focuses on curious and change making design in a broad context of sustainability. Linnaeus University is a modern, international university in the south of Sweden, with a strong focus on equality and sustainability.

Johanneberg Science Park is a meeting point for enterprise, research and development in Gothenburg, Sweden. We strengthen competitiveness, attractiveness and growth. Our focus areas are Urban Development, Energy, Materials & Nano Technology. AllAgeHub is a research, innovation and development center that promotes accessible living environments and wellbeing technology.

Hiroko Akiyama, a social psychologist, is professor at the Institute of Gerontology, University of Tokyo and the former vice president of Science Council of Japan.  Professor Akiyama has conducted a number of cross-national surveys and is widely recognized as an expert on issues of global aging.  She is known for the long-running research on the elderly in Japan – tracking the aging patterns of approximately 6,000 Japanese elderly for 25 years.  Recently she initiated social experiment projects that pioneer to re-design communities to meet the needs of the highly aged society and Living Lab, a platform for co-creation among users, industry, government and academia.  She started the Institute of Gerontology at University of Tokyo in 2006.  Professor Akiyama received Ph.D. in psychology from University of Illinois, the United States.

Chika Sekine, a Chairman & Senior Fellow of UDIT Inc (Universal Design Institute for Information Technology) after she left IBM Japan. She offers consultation for IT devices development from the Universal Design point of view, involving participation of diverse users and provides consulting services on accessible and usable web development for corporate or governmental institutions.  She proposes the revitalization of the community suffering from ageing depopulation and the development of societies where everyone can live in his/her own style.

Kyle Kai-Yun FAN, is a consultant in the Japan Research Institute, Ltd. He works as a consultant in healthcare business for 5 years, has expertise in business and product development, and marketing strategy-planning on elderly-care, pharmaceutical products, medical device field. Before this, he has 3-year worked experience in think tank in Taiwan, part of job is cooperate with government in international-friend environment building projects (research and policy recommendation). These years, he is involved in several senior business and product development projects in Japan, and, now also co-works with the Industrial Technology Research Institute to develop a product test field in living-lab approach for elderly service and product development.


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