This is a methodology workshop to support early phases of an innovation process. Having a shared understanding of development focus is an important factor for any development project that aims to operate customer centric or customer driven approach. Personas are research-based, archetypical profiles of users that enable different stakeholders of a development project to obtain and maintain a common focus during different stages of development process.

The proposal is built upon three Living Labs research projects by Laurea UAS and Botnia Living Labs. All of the three projects use personas tool to build a common understanding of some of the stakeholders in order to guide collaboration during a multidisciplinary research project.

In Living Lab projects, personas can be used to e.g (Porokuokka & Leminen 2017).

  • To make sense and summarize vast amounts of user research material
  • To give the research group a uniform, easily relatable focal point of a particular user group
  • To make it possible for new stakeholders to understand the users context and their view on development theme

Workshop organisers:

Jaakko Porokuokka (Laurea UAS)

Dr. Paula Lehto (Laurea UAS)

Dr. Marita Holst (Project leader, Luleå University of Technology)

Dr. Anna Ståhlbröst (Luleå University of Technology)

Related projects:


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