Nordic Heath Living Lab, NHLL, organizes a workshop Towards European Home Care Business Ecosystem. NHLL gathers existing home and health care players from Turku area in Southwest Finland and Stockholm region in Sweden under common cross-border umbrella in order to support private companies in improving and expanding their businesses. This workshop is targeted to find partners and similar networks to team up with to facilitate larger European home and health care business ecosystem. A short term goal is to identify funding opportunities and partners to a concrete project for building and starting the ecosystem. The proposed workshop activities include poster wall presenting the existing partners (private, public and research) and their activities in NHLL as well as the Nordic model of home, home care and the challenges and opportunities arising from aging population, immigration, digitalization and IOT based technologies. An interactive session to start defining the European home and home care model with key commonalities and differentiating features is held followed by another session to identify business opportunities and barriers in European home care business. The workshop results are gathered and presented in the final session together with an invitation to continue discussions and project preparations.

Workshop organisers:

Dr. Elina Kontio is a Doctor of Science in Health Sciences. She received the M.Sc. in Nursing Science (2003) from University of Turku, Finland and is a registered Nurse. She is a Research Group Leader of eHealth group and a lecturer in the Faculty of Business, ICT and Chemical Engineering at Turku University of Applied Sciences. Her primary areas of interest includes eHealth, Health Informatics and decision making in healthcare. She has been leader in several research and R&D projects related to eHealth and she is a part of Information and language technology for health information and communication research group as a researcher.

Tiina Ferm holds a M.Sc. degree in Information Technology from Tampere University of Technology (1996) majoring in software engineering and B.Sc. in Process Engineering from Turku Polytechnic (1988). Since 2000 Ms. Ferm has been senior lecturer in Turku University of Applied Sciences. She is a leader and co-founder of Turku University of Applied Sciences Living Lab for Wellbeing and ICT (TWICT) ENoLL member since the 4th wave and co-founder of Finnish Network of Living Labs.


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