The workshop Smarting up your city in smart mobility shows the joint challenge big metropolises face as far as the sustainable and efficient smart transport is concerned.

It should be mentioned here that the mobility itself is closely linked with environment and particularly in Krakow and Krakow Metropolitan Area (KMA= Krakow + 13 nearby municipalities) it has the double impact. In the Strategy for Krakow and KMA,  project led by Krakow Technology Park, it was stated that carrying out integrated transport policy in the KMA as well as undertaking activities towards constant increase of the share of collective transport by introducing ITS will significantly improve  the quality of air in Krakow as well. As stated in the strategic regional documents for Krakow, the key challenge in smart mobility is the optimization of transport communication system (private and public) and increasing the efficiency of the communication network in the city centre by introducing ITS.

Smart Mobility itself refers among others to smart transport systems (traffic and road sign control) and during the study vist and workshop we aim to show you the ways we work, benefit from your know how and best practises, and together work out the smart solutions that can be adequate to traffic problems we all as inhabitants experience wherever we come from.

Workshop organisers:

lukasz franek

Lukasz Franek is a deputy director at The Board of Municipal Infrastructure and Transport in Cracow (ZIKiT) responsible for public transport, traffic engineering, cycling and walking. He previously worked at Krakow University of Technology where research fields cover traffic engineering and road safety, with a focus on vulnerable road users and walkability. He has 10 years of experience in sustainable mobility management and urban transport systems development, also within EU projects.

michal pyclik

Michal Pyclik – since 2006 he is working in The Board of Municipal Infrastructure and Transport in Cracow (ZIKiT). Since 2008 he works in the Public Relations there and currently directs it. He has extensive experience with media in the area of urban and transport infrastructure.

lukasz gryga

Lukasz Gryga is a traffic engineer and IT specialist working in The Board of Municipal Infrastructure and Transport in Cracow (ZIKiT) as a chief specialist in Traffic Management Department. Since 2008 has worked on implementation and management of Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) in Krakow which are concentrated on traffic lights, variable messages signs and passenger information. He also helps with current operation and development of Traffic Control Center.

Related projects:

This workshop is linked to a local challenge at the Open Living Lab Days 2017 event, a visit to the Traffic Management Center on Wednesday afternoon:


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