While there is a considerable research and innovation effort related to the deployment of Smart Cities, there are still plenty of hurdles to move from R&D to implementation and real mass-scale deployment. City of Things, a partnership between imec, Antwerp and Mobile Vikings, wants to take the next step, building a Smart City IoT research testbed where industrial and academic research can be performed in a realistic, city-wide setting covering the complete eco-system for low-level wireless communications up to high-level living lab research. Within City of Things different living lab cases are implemented. One of them is Wappr, an application to push location based questions towards its users. Within the City of Things environment, these questions are created by the City of Antwerp as a pilot use case.

In the workshop for the Open Living Lab Days an alternative version of the prototype of the Wappr-application will be used. This prototype will push location related questions about Krakow to the participants, such as: “To what extent do you feel informed about the public transport towards the city centre”. The central research question for this workshop is “What information about the city does a tourist newcomer in Krakow need when walking around in the city”.

Workshop organisers:

Sara Logghe (user specialist @ imec.livinglabs), was content lead researcher on the Wappr project. In 2011 Sara obtained a Master’s degree in History but decided to combine her knowledge about the Old World with the Master course New Media and Society. After her internship with iLab.o in 2013, Sara was able to start as a user researcher with MICT and carried out 16 living lab research projects. From 2017 onwards, Sara works as a user specialist with imec.livinglabs focusing on the digital transformation of the Flemish creative industries. Methodologically Sara developed interest in UX, as a way to communicate with the Application Prototyping Team and external developers.

Dimitri Schuurman (Team Lead User Experts @ imec.livinglabs and a Senior Researcher @ imec-mict-Ghent University). Together with his imec colleagues, Dimitri developed a specific living lab offering targeted at entrepreneurs in which he has managed over 100 innovation projects. Dimitri is responsible for the methodology and academic valorization of these living lab projects and coordinates a dynamic team of living lab researchers. His main interests are situated in the domains of open innovation, user innovation, and innovation management.

Kaatje Boury (user researcher @ imec.livinglabs), started as a junior researcher at imec.livinglabs in January 2017, after working on a temporary project of mict (UGent University) for 3 months with wearables in a sport context. One of the first SME-cases she conducted was also a smart cities case with smart street lighting where she made use of the existing technology (namely smart street lighting based on sensors) to take the context into account for the innovation (smart street lighting based on GPS signals).

Pauline Dewolf (panel manager @ imec.livinglabs) is in charge of the recruitment of panel members for diverse living labs projects at imec.livinglabs.


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