Together with all participants of the workshop we’ll identify the users in a predefined project, mapping them into panel circles before scheduling them into a panelmatrix in order to learn to understand the advantages of a separate approach towards a living lab panel in a project/platform/organization.

After a short introduction to the problem definition of the project and its defined activities, participants are split up in smaller groups.

First each group will identify all involved stakeholders and map them into panel circles, presenting their results to the whole workshop.

Thereafter each group links their panel circles with a panel matrix and think about their approaches & possible outcomes. Afterwards all matrices are consolidated in an overall matrix, discussing the different approaches.

Finally we’ll have a group discussion about the (dis)advantages of the panel circle/matrix approach.

To make this workshop as interactive as possible the number of participants is limited to 25 people.

Workshop organiser:

Koen Vervoort ( Living the labs since 2006 @ I-City, IBBT, iMinds & imec as user involvement evangelist, sharing knowledge, performing panel management in large national & EU-projects and working as an internal & external challenger to constantly improve the way of cooperation with (international) (large) panels of test-users.

Related projects:


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