If we were to re-imagine our future, living in a city that is designed and built with, above all else, its citizens in mind, what are the transformational steps we can take to achieve this? Discourse amongst the UK’s infrastructure sector is concerned with:

  • Wanting to understand and define the socio-economic issues before setting the engineering problems; putting the ‘why, who for’ before the ‘what’.
  • What does society really want from its infrastructure? How do we establish what constitutes a good result?
  • A relentless focus on realistic and meaningful demand forecasting. Will what we are planning today still serve society well tomorrow?
  • How can we create space and freedom to explore and break from the status quo?

We want to ask for others’ experiences (learning), explain and share our local and national challenge and understand whether this resonates with others’ current thinking (sharing), exchange knowledge, expertise, ideas and capabilities (connecting) to help develop a (replicable) model for city-scale innovation in infrastructure.

We are interested in the relationships between communities, universities, cities, government and private infrastructure stakeholders, regulators and policy makers.

Workshop organisers:

Bristol Living Lab


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