How can you design, validate and roll-out an innovative policy on “Data & IoT”, in co-creation with companies, knowledge institutions and living labs? An unmanageable task, at first sight, to bring together and combine all various viewpoints can be made possible if you apply innovation through co-creation involving all stakeholders! Join this workshop to learn about the successes of the City of Eindhoven in the field of “open data and IoT infrastructure practice-based policy” and shape the future developments together.

As the city IoT grows, city government officials are faced with complex and urgent questions. Whom does the data collected in the public space belong to and what are the consequences for the privacy of our citizens? How do you prevent vendor lock-in and keep the new infrastructure open to facilitate further innovation? How can we make sure that crucial city infrastructure, such as traffic management, remains protected from cyber threats while being continuously digitized?

Facing these issues in practice as the new technologies grow into the digital infrastructure layer, the City of Eindhoven is proactively issuing policies that support innovation and encourage socially responsible developments. However, developing policies does not by itself and automatically ensure that the desired developments are actually taking place. How can we proactively cooperate with the IoT community to bring the policies into practice? How do we ensure that public data and IoT principles are continuously tested and extended, based on the feedback provided by partners involved in Living Labs and innovation? And how do we cooperate with Living Labs across Europe to set new guiding principles at the foundation of new, digital cities of the future?

Workshop organisers:

Olha Bondarenko works as a strategic advisor on innovation, data and IoT policies within the city’s CIO office. She has a broad range of experiences in academia, business and public services domain and enjoys to bring the different worlds together through co-creation of innovative policies based on practice.

Wim De Kinderen is representing the City of Eindhoven within the Brussels based ‘Brainport Eindhoven EU Office’. As such he is a senior professional in EU affairs, and has ample experiences in building alliances and managing European networks.

Gaby Rasters is part of the Strategy Department. She is involved in open data projects under the umbrella of the Smart Society scope. Her interests are ‘inventing’ new forms of interaction and cooperation with and within the city of Eindhoven.

Niels Wiersma is currently occupied as a senior business consultant for the city of Eindhoven. In this role, he is responsible for the alignment of IT and business interests for innovative projects in the areas of smart lighting, open data, and living labs. Mr. Wiersma has a master degree in Business Process Management and IT.


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