Technology Transfer Offerings platform (TTO) has been developed in 2013 as the concept within the project of Technology Transfer Team. TTO.lifescience is a tool aimed to support development and commercialisation of life science innovations. It supports tech-transfer officers to organize the process of commercialisation of innovative projects from the early concept stage up to successful commercialisation. It enables cooperation by offering Open Innovation and co-development functionality as well as supports reach out to target markets and provides access to funds through dissemination  and marketing functionalities.

The strength of the Tech Transfer Team comes from involving varied stakeholders: representatives of universities, R&D institutes, hospitals and business support organisations. Main users of the platform are:

  • Cluster organisation actively supporting tech transfer and commercialisation
  • Tech transfer organisations in universities, R&D institutes and similar
  • Innovative businesses
  • Start-ups

The proposed workshop will aim to exploit Living Lab methodologies to involve actors of the tech transfer and commercialisation process (supply and demand side) to improve the TTO platform as a service. The workshop will follow a co-creative and iterative path aimed to identifiy and evaluate components of the TTO tool and underlying process that need to be redesigned or added or complemented.  Participants of the workshop should have some experience or knowledge related to innovation management, technology transfer or commercialisation. Each participant will receive access to the TTO platform with one of implemented active roles (TTO Officer, Inventor, Collaborator, Investor). They will go through a process of development an innovative project from the early stage (an idea) througout all stages up to (succesfull) comercislisation and will have opportunity to experience all possible interactions with peers and with TTO system.

Workshop organisers:



Kazimierz Murzyn – president of the Klaster LifeScience Krakow Fundation and Managing Director of the LifeScience Krakow cluster initiative; V-ce Chairman of Global Innovation Network (GIN) Inc. Non-for profit organisation in North Carolina, USA;  Member of Biotechnology Committee of Polish Academy of Science; Chair of the Regional Working Group  “Life Sciences” in Malopolska. He has experience in the field of economic and business development, including large scale projects financed by PHARE, ISPA (evaluation of environmental, social and economic issues); has developed and/or evaluated tendering documentation for PHARE, ISPA projects in areas incl. HRD, job creation and employment projects in different regions in Poland; influenced policies and conducted economical & financial analysis and evaluations.

Related projects:

This workshop is linked to a local challenge at the Open Living Lab Days 2017 event, a visit to the LifeScience Krakow Cluster on Wednesday afternoon:



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