In the field of participation and quality of public space, the main challenge that Krakow faced during the work on the project ” SMART_KOM strategy – a roadmap for smart solutions in Krakow Metropolitan Area” was related to the necessity of forming and supporting NBSM cross-sectoral cooperation (referring to Science-Business-Residents-Local Government). The cooperation concerns development of the city, a universal application of deliberative participation principles and identification of the potential of the existing public spaces. It is important to provide these activities with real benefits which can be fully used by the local communities, as well as to develop local active centres.

Smart city should be open to its inhabitants, encourage their activity, make use of their creativity, and this is precisely the role of a territorial self-government and its institutions. In that context Smart City or Smart Metropolis is a space of high quality of life, allowing its users everyday functioning in good health condition, within a network of friendly social relationships, with universal and constant sense of security and full access to cultural, educational and social infrastructure.


The main challenges for Krakow (and most big cities) are:

    • Improving the quality of public space, including green zones. It is a joint challenge to transform any city into a living environment friendly for all citizens (no exclusions, good for 8:80) from the perspective of such aspects of the quality of life as access to green zones, quality of water and air. It is a big challenge to create green spaces in old historic cities, especially in city centres where dense urbanisation takes place.


  • Revitalisation projects understood not only as energy retrofitting but some degraded areas that require complex activities (e.g. in Kraków: Zabłocie, Azory, Prądnik Biały, Olsza). Such places need complex revitalisation, not only in the spatial and urban dimension, but particularly in the social and economic aspects.



Thanks to the creativity of its inhabitants and its strong position as a scientific centre, Kraków constantly implements Smart City solutions and ideas.


During the workshop participants will be involved in shaping the urban space and contributing into local ecosystem by developing parklet concept – creative idea of green spaces in the dense city center. In the approach that is undertaken by the Municipal Greenery Authority in Krakow (ZZM) the workshop organizers will introduce varied different techniques, competencies and stakeholders to brainstorm efficiently and conceptualize the product. The introduction to the workshop will start a day before, when they participants of the workshop will take part in the street walk at Krupnicza Street that is dedicated for woonerf location.

Workshop organisers:

katarzyna opalka

Katarzyna Opałka – landscape architect and gardener. She works as a specialist of creating the public spaces. Always willing to join the local social initiatives which can improve the quality of public spaces and through it the quality of living in the city. Her motto is: “City for people not for cars”.

barbara kazmirowicz

Barbara Kaźmirowicz – architekt IARP with a  degree of Cracow University of Technology, further qualification in sustainability architecture. Leads projects through the complicated administration process of building law.  She also has a passion for small architecture design like arbor, pergola, street furniture made of natural material. A great fan of mountain biking.

iwona kluza-wasik

Iwona Kluza-Wąsik – tries to combine two main fields in the work for the city green management in Kraków: landscape architecture and economics. Graduated in Spatial Development at Cracow University of Economics and Landscape Architecture at Cracow University of Technology. A lover of the idea of urban farming, social participation, hortiterapy, eatable flowers and weeds as well as mysterious historical parks.

Related projects:

This workshop is linked to a local challenge at the Open Living Lab Days 2017 event, a visit to the Malopolska Greenery Authority on Wednesday afternoon:



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