LiCalab (Living & Care lab) is one of the care living labs in Flanders, Belgium. In the past 3 years, LiCalab became a leading living lab in the region with the focus on healthcare. LiCalab runs research projects commissioned by universities, university colleges, municipalities and private companies. Through-out the years, LiCalab built a large network of panels and partners. In 2014, LiCalab executed a study on packaging design in five European countries, commissioned by a pharma company. We used the ENoLL network to attract the right living lab partners. The pharma company evaluated the living lab process and the collaboration with LiCalab as very valuable. Therefore, a new assignment followed. In 2016 LiCalab was asked to evaluate the new packaging design in Latin America and Asia. A great opportunity for LiCalab. And also a big challenge. Again, LiCalab used the ENoLL network to find the right partners worldwide. LiCalab was in the lead and designed the scenarios for the co-creation sessions with patients, the expert panels with professionals and the human factor study. Deadlines were tight. All living lab partners were very committed and made a big effort to schedule the sessions within the timing foreseen. All partnering living labs collected data according to the provided research design for comparability of the different data samples.

We had to deal with quite a few challenges. The cultural idiosyncrasies were the biggest challenges to overcome. I n each region the context is different, so it is crucial to understand the local care and business ecosystems. In most countries there was a language barrier, so the living labs had to translate the scenarios to their native languages and the results to English. This lead in some cases to a mutation of information (lost in translation) by different moderators and note takers. Also the technical part presented some challenges: camera, internet speed for sending over recorded data , large memory cards, Furthermore, the tight timeframe forced to go for a more pragmatic approach in regards to data collection and analysis.

In this workshop we want to reflect on the process. We want to share our challenges and evaluate the process. Together with the participants, we want to co-create solutions to collect and analyze qualitative data in a transnational context.

Workshop organisers:

Sonja Pedell

Leen Broeckx

Ana Lavaquial Thais Vieira

Zhengjie Liu

Lillianna Vélez Rueda

Hiroko Akiyama

Carmen Aguero

Tom Van Daele is head of the Expertise Unit Psychology, Technology & Society (PsyTS) at Thomas More University College and a research fellow at KU Leuven. As a psychologist, he primarily conducts research in mental healthcare, where he focuses particularly on the added value of technology



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