Description: is a digital service that is at the moment free for users and all service providers. It promotes health, social activities and wellbeing of elderly and their families. There are many different kinds of service providers (almost 290) who offer services and/or products for home environment. Users can find useful articles and other information to cope at home more easily and use wellbeing services. For example, they can exercise by using activity videos, have many different entertainments like digital stories of elderly and games and have links to many other digital services and medias. All useful information is found in one place. The overall aim of the innovation project was to develop a digital living lab environment for elderly people, their carers and close ones to create and test new innovative services for elderly people to cope at home longer safely and actively. Developing virtual environment allows for better coverage and more cost-effective ways of serving and interacting with seniors.
At the moment the is mainly used in one city and it has app. 2000 unique visitors and 20.000 page views monthly. The next step is scaling the service to new areas and to ensure its existence by finding the business model to cover maintenance and developing costs. Scaling to new areas brings more service providers and users. That means more impact and attractiveness to potential financing partners. Because this service meets social needs and contribute better quality of life for elderly it may attracts many potential partners to co-operate and co-finance it. The aim of the workshop is to find a business concept which contains various revenue streams from different stakeholders and sponsors. It has been free for users and service providers, but to ensure its existence in the future there must be found revenues from different sources. The next goal is to find a holistic business concept which contains various revenue streams.

Workshop organisers:

Pia Kiviharju, M.Sc.(Econ.), has more than 20-years experience working in Business Management position in several large and medium sized companies. Last 10 years she has worked in Laurea University of Applied Sciences previous as a senior lecturer for Business Management and currently as a Regional Service Manager taking care of Laurea’s partnerships. At Laurea she has used her excellent business experiences when guiding students in their studies and also when working in challenging SD RDI projects in health and wellbeing.

Sari Jääskeläinen, M.Sc.(Econ.), is a Lecturer at Laurea University of Applied Sciences. Her over 15 years’ teaching expertise includes service business, entrepreneurship and management accounting. In the previous years she is involved in several projects e.g. the InnoEspoo Project, the Open Innovation Banking System project and ReKey – Cooperation between educators and companies in the hospitality field (2017 – 2019). These projects are targeted at developing new innovative services and supporting student’s entrepreneurship.

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