Selective Waste Collection Point for Cracow residents called Lamusownia

The idea and purpose of the local visit:

Lamusownia was built in 2011 and the investment was 85% co-financed from the Norwegian Fund. From the beginning Municipal Cleaning Company Kraków was its operator. In Lamusownia every citizen of Krakow can leave – free of charge – “problematic” waste, for example: bulk, electrical and electronic equipment, hazardous waste (paints, varnishes, batteries, fluorescent lamps, etc.) rubble and tires, as well as recyclables (paper, plastics, Tetra Packs).

In 2012, on average, 50 people visited Lamusownia each day. In total they left 2003 tons of waste. One year later, 85 people were using it daily (3664 tons in total for 2013), and in 2014 there were 90 people each day (4940 tons in total). Now it’s more than 100 on everyday basis.

The participants will visit “Lamusownia” (Selective Waste Collection Point for Cracow residents) and Large Waste Disposal Plant (also for electrical and electronic equipment) – Nowohucka 1 Street, operated by MPO Kraków (Municipal Cleaning Company).

Presentation of already introduced within MPO Kraków modular elements of circular economy – producing waste-based and non-polluting alternative fuels for cement plants, using large-scale logs from waste for the production of breeding boxes and bird feeders for wintering birds nesting in the city, collecting and using rain water for city cleaning. Information about MPO Kraków’s educational role: classes for primary school students, secondary schools and a special education programme for seniors and also programme letting local educational institutions collect waste batteries to earn free cinema tickets. Every year, over 10.000 attendees participate in workshops and events organized by MPO.

Hosting entity: Municipal Cleaning Company Kraków

Host leader: Piotr Odorczuk

Means of transport: Organized

Time of visit: Approximately 1,5 h – 2 h

Website of the entity:

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 13.55.23


Written by KTP


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