The idea and purpose of the local visit:

Group visit to Małopolska Laboratory of Energy Efficient Building (located in the city center at the Krakow University of Technology). Małopolska Laboratory of Energy Efficient Building is a unique 1: 1 research laboratory. In an energyefficient building, independent climate zones are set up and the processes are fully automated and monitored by almost 3.000 people. Specialized sensors. The infrastructure of the MLBE building itself as a research object and its specialized measuring equipment allow to conduct interdisciplinary research in the field of widely understood energy-saving construction.

Hosting entity: Małopolska Laboratory of Energy Efficient Building hosted by Krakow University of Technology

Host leader: Marcin Furtak – director of the Malopolska’s Laboratory of Energy-Efficient Building.


Graduate and lecturer of the Cracow University of Technology. Architect. Affiliated with Cracow University of Technology since 2002. Since 2008, engaged in creating a strategy in field of energy-efficient and ecological building for Malopolska province. In 2011 appointed a member of the Polish Standardization Committee. In the years 2013-2014 Manager of Design Studio Landscape Architecture at the Architecture Faculty of the Cracow University of Technology. Scientific work combined with professional practice being the author of over a hundred projects architectural and urban planning. The winner of the architectural and building contests. In 2013, highlighted with the main prize of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy for the best completed public utility object (Town Hall in Pawlowice). In 2014, designed by him bridge in Andrychow was awarded with the III degree in the competition “Construction of the year 2013” organized by the Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians in conjunction with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, and the General Office of Building. In 2014, he published a scientific monograph entitled “Central Industrial Region (COP) 1936-1939. Architecture and urban planning”.

Means of transport: Organized

Time of visit: Approximately 1,5 h – 2 h

Workshop: This local challenge is connected to a workshop: leveraging behavioral change for energy efficiency in buildings

Website of the entity: 

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 13.44.54


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