“Woonerf at Krupnicza street – designing the city with end users”

The idea and purpose of the local visit:

The Municipal Greenery Authority (ZZM) in Krakow was established on 1 July 2015 as a unit responsible for managing green areas in Krakow. Thanks to creative approach of ZZM, the green areas in Kraków have gained a caring caretaker. At present, the list of green areas of the municipality of Krakow, which is a permanent maintenance of The Municipal Greenery Authority in Krakow, is 1514 ha. Since the beginning of its activities, they focus on cooperation with inhabitants of the city consulting special green planning and engaging them in the undertaken projects. The scope of cooperation is wide through educational workshops and a series of actions involving them in the co-creation and design process to finish with planting flowers and trees in parks.

The visit is strictly connected with the workshop that will be held on Thursday 31st August.

On the way to Krupnicza street, we will stop at the Malopolska Garden of Art for the short presentation how the inhabitants get involved in creating woonerf at Krupnicza Street so far. It has been a long process and still a lot is going on here. The challenge was to get interest and involvement of inhabitants to undertake joint activity that ended with submitting the winning project in the Participatory Budgeting a new financial instrument introduced by Krakow only a few years ago. The purpose of the visit is to take a closer look at the process of designing the first woonerf in Krakow that has to accommodate the needs of both pedestrians and cyclists in a modern urban living space and create something attractive on the workshops on Thursday thanks to ENoLL community.

Hosting entity: The Municipal Greenery Authority (ZZM)

Host leader: Katarzyna Przyjemska-Grzesik – Project Manager ,,Krakow in green” Katarzyna Opałka – Landscape Architect, Urban Space Development pecialist Barbara Kaźmirowicz – Architect Iwona Kluza-Wąsik – Landscape Architect

Means of transport: Organized

Time of visit: Approximately 1,5 h -2 h

Website of the entity: http://krakowwzieleni.pl/en/  

Logo_Zarzad Zieleni Miejskiej_apla_H_kolor


Written by KTP


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