The idea and purpose of the local visit:

LifeScience Krakow Cluster (LSK) is a network of institutions from Krakow and Małopolska Region (Poland) which collaborate in order to develop and deliver to the market innovations for health and quality of life. These organizations represent six areas of interests: biotechnology and life science business, research & development, science and education, healthcare, business support and local government actively guiding and facilitating the cooperation at the regional level. As such the LSK is the perfect exemplification of so-called Triple Helix cooperation. Established in October 2006, LSK has been the concept of Jagiellonian University developed in conjunction with another bold decision taken in 2004 — to build first technology park in Poland to be devoted to life sciences. Due to availability and access to EU funds, only in the two recent years more than 0,5 billion € have been put in research infrastructure and research programs solely by LifeScience Klaster members in order to build both capacity and opportunity for collaborative development.

The aim of the visit: presentation of TTO platform and life science projects, discussion on building partnership, sharing know-how and best practices in the area of healthcare and medicine, pharmacology and drug development, food and agriculture.

Hosting entity: LifeScience Krakow Klaster

Host leader: Kazimierz Murzyn – Managing Director of LifeScience Krakow Cluster. TTO (Tech Transfer Offering) project leader, designed the TTO Platform and has administrated it since the introduction.

Means of transport: 10 minutes on foot from Krakow Technology Park

Time of visit: Approximately 1,5 h – 2 h (DAY 2 of OLLD)

Website of the entity: 

LSP logo


Written by KTP


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