To make your trip to Krakow as smooth as possible, we have combined a few helpful tips that will guide you from the moment you enter this website until your arrival to the conference. Following these guidelines will enable you to be fully prepared for the OpenLivingLab Days and enjoy your experience at the global gathering of the living lab practitioners and all those involved in the process (academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, public officials and of course the public).

If this is your first time at the OpenLivingLab Days or if you are a returning visitor, this list will guide your through all the information published on the #OpenLL17 website.

Follow these steps:

  1. First time at the OpenLivingLab Days? Discover previous editions

  2. Read about the programme

  3. Decide which workshops you want to attend

  4. See which research papers will be presented by international academics and researchers

  5. Register for the event

  6. Find the venues where #OpenLL17 will take place 

  7. Book a hotel with a preferential rate

  8. Read up on Krakow to know what to expect

  9. Find out how to reach the city from the Krakow airport

  10. Download these apps that will help you guide through the city or order a taxi



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