1st ENoLL-ESSI Col·laboratory for a human-centred green, digital and social transition​


Friday 22 September
11.00 – 12.30




European School of Social Innovation (ESSI)


Welcome to our workshop session on the Triple Transition: Embracing the Evolution from a Human-Centred Approach! 

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing world, the significance of adopting a people-focused approach cannot be overstated. This approach, commonly known as Human-Centred Design (HCD), lies at the core of our discussions as we delve into the fascinating realm of problem-solving and innovation in our ear of transitions.

HCD represents a powerful methodology that transcends traditional problem-solving paradigms by placing individuals at the heart of the creative process. By involving diverse perspectives throughout the entire problem-solving journey, HCD fosters a deep understanding of the users’ needs, desires and pain points. The process begins with keen observations of the problem in its context, enabling us to identify hidden nuances that might otherwise remain unnoticed. From there, we embark on a journey of brainstorming ideas from a myriad of viewpoints, fostering a rich tapestry of possibilities that can yield breakthrough solutions.

The focus of this workshop extends beyond the realms of traditional HCD. We recognise the pressing need for a Triple Transition – a call to embrace three crucial shifts in the way we approach problem-solving and innovation. Firstly, we will explore how HCD evolves into an approach that not only addresses immediate needs but also anticipates and prepares for future challenges, fostering long-term sustainable solutions. Secondly, we will delve into how HCD can be integrated into diverse industries and sectors, transcending the boundaries of design and management to become a powerful force in fields like healthcare, education, technology and more. Finally, we will discuss how HCD can be embraced not only at an individual level but also on a collective scale, fostering a culture of empathy, collaboration and innovation within organizations and communities.

Join us on this captivating journey of discovery and growth as we unravel the transformative power of the Triple Transition from a Human-Centred Approach. Together, we will equip ourselves with the tools, insights and perspectives needed to create a world where problem-solving is not just effective but also deeply connected to the people it serves. Let’s pave the way for a future where innovation knows no bounds and the human-centred and planet-friendly approach remains at the heart of every endeavor.


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