Public and private organisations from across the world actively committed to engaging and empowering users and citizens to take part in sustainable innovation processes are were invited to apply for membership of the European Network of Living Labs as of January 20th 2017 as a part of the 11th Wave. Application closed on 15th April.  All applicants will be informed about their application status by 25th May.

Introduction session will be held in the multi-touch table computer room 

This year, 11th wave members are invited to join us at the OpenLivingLab Days one day before the official start of the event. New members will first participate at the introductory session led by ENoLL Office, during which they will become familiarised with the work of the network, contact points, benefits of ENoLL membership and all other necessary information. Afterwards new members are invited to join the ENoLL General Assembly with the ENoLL Council, to learn about about the vision and future of the network. A networking session will follow the General Assembly for ENoLL Council and ENoLL 11th wave members.

Agenda of the Day is outlined in the following way:

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